6th Annual RI Shore Catch and Release Tourney - Part 1 Official Submission Thread

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May 1st - July 31st 2017


Entire RI coast.
All RI regulations are in effect.
Only fishing from, shore, docks, piers, jetties. NO BOATS / KAYAKS
Catch and release. Photos of dead, dying or mutilated fish will not be accepted.
Fish caught and kept for the table are not eligible. (Trust is a big factor here people.)
All entrants must be registered before (May 1st to be in the overall winner).
All fish must be treated humanely and released in as good a condition and as quickly as possible.
All entries must include a photo clearly showing length of the fish AND a ruler measurement. Also please try to include the Tournament "decal" (if we have one)
All qualifying fish must be posted in the respective threads before 3 days after the month end.


Please be careful with your pics, many lurkers will be watching this thread so don't provide unnecessary detail on locations.  Please keep this positive, no negative remarks it will not be tolerated and try to keep this on point (no derailing side conversations).


Official Entrants:

May 1st - July 31st 2017 - Entrees

1. Kooky - Plug

2. MarkyGee  - plug

3. a4scoot - plug

4. Kima - plug

5. ljschroe 

6. Stripercrazy - plug

7. Fishfinder401 - bucktails?

8. PrickleyGoo - plug

9. Quack

10. AKotoun

11. Drew C

12. jcs71

13. Night time cow chaser - plug

14. leopinetree

15. Mofish

16. BigBillJettyJockey

17. JLH

18. ilike2fish

19. shortys7777

20. woodbugger21

21. rolm




Currently have 8 plugs/bucktail donations.  We are good for round one, anyone else who wants to contribute save it for session 2

1. Striper winner - 5 plugs 

      Kooky - Plug

      MarkyGee  - plug

      a4scoot - plug

      Kima - plug

      Stripercrazy - plug

2. Blue - 1 plug

        Fishfinder401 - bucktail

3. Weakfish - 2 plugs (they are tough these days, if no weakfish winner will get pooled into striper winner)

      PrickelyGoo - plug

     Night time cow chaser - plug

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Good Luck All.  Please try to reach out and get your ruler from sign up thread, makes the pictures more official.  Have fun and Be Safe this season.  Please try to include clear pics of fish with a true measurement and a tourney ruler/ marker if you have one, i know its tough to take a pic of a live flopping fish at night and keep a low profile but try your best.  Thanks

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And the rest of the fish!!  :beatin:

Was trying to get the Narrow River Rods logo in the pic clearly. I just got a new rod and was hoping to get a good pic of it with the first decent fish I landed using it. Didn't want to keep the fish out to long trying to get all sorts of pics so I snapped this one and sent her home. By the way if anyone is in the market for a new rod I strongly suggest getting in touch with Howard from Narrow River Rods you won't be disappointed!!

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Guess everyone else is having the same success with catching large that i am

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Wasn't really sure I wanted to put a 32" fish in here. It seems kinda silly when there SHOULD be bigger fish around. Hopefully we'll see the larger biomass soon

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These days that could be the winner. Stranger thgs have happened.



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