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Really didn't mean to start a marijuana growing thread lol..........Kinda more interested in veggies and flowers..U know....what average Americans do in their garden...That sort of thing..... :)

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Peppers haven't shown yet,already sowed some seeds in garden

Nice bud........The water at our community garden does not get turned on until 5/1 so not doing much there. My asparagus is doing well. A few are starting to poke up. I have started about a thousand plants in a friends greenhouse. What doesn't get used will be sold at a plant sale.



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Am assuming those are tomatoes. When I sow tomato seed indoors, I know they are gonna get somewhat leggy, so when I fill the flat with starting soil, I only fill it a bit more than half way. Then I sow the seed and cover with about 1/4" of soil. When they sprout, they nearly immediately get like those shown in your picture. I then go in and fill the flats with more seed starting mix.


Once they develop two sets of true leaves (the sprout leaves as shown on your picture don't count), they get transplanted to other pots or six packs. I transplant them as deep as I possibly can, even if I have to gently bend (without breaking) the stem a bit. Unlike most other plants, tomatoes will develop roots along any portion of the stem that is buried, so transplanting them deep not only takes care of the leggy-ness, but also helps develop a strong root system.


Once they are transplanted into new pots or six packs, I start to harden them off outdoors as the weather and temperature allows. But I don't put them out in the garden until the nights are consistently mostly staying above 50 degrees. You can get away with planting them earlier so long as there will be no frost, but I have found that really doesn't gain much if anything, and can actually set them back. In my area (Foxboro) that is usually the 3-4th week of May, or even just after June 1.

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