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How about a Pics thread?  Very simple, few rules.  Just a pic.  Don't need a story, don't need a description, just put up a pic about one of your inshore trips.

Could be you, a fish, the spread, the boat, the conditions, whatever, as long at it's an "inshore" item.  Can be lots of things other than just a fish.

With the whole coast in play, "inshore" will include who knows how many species.

Of course, if you want to provide any details, I doubt anyone will mind, but let's get a bunch of pics going................

Couple of years ago, about 30 miles out, birds all over a schoolie Bluefin blitz.


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Very simple, few rules.   as long at it's an "inshore" item. 



about 30 miles out



You broke the simple rules with the VERY 1ST PIC!





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I think inshore pics from the ocean should be within 3 miles like the bass fishing here. 


Well where does "offshore" start then? Certainly not 4 miles out, or on a wreck/reef 5 miles out.


Seriously asking.


To me, I'd consider "inshore" to be 0-30 miles, roughly, "midshore" to be 30-60, roughly, and "offshore" to be 60+, meaning Canyons.


No good?

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