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Sharky Weekend

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On 1/15/2024 at 4:05 PM, zcoker said:

The calm before the storm. Was actually fishing for big jacks but this guy hit instead. Big barbless bkk’s easy out! 





how many turns on the wire Z ? thanks for sharing 

  If it has fins i want to catch it 

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On 1/31/2024 at 8:29 AM, zcoker said:


Everglades sunrise. Spawning season is here bigguns chewing, slow and low will get those bigger bites, which are more from aggregation. 



















That one just finished eating a big turtle, yep, surprised the heck out of me. Never seen one do that before.

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Navarre Beach. 15ft Great White. It’s obvious by the big 24/0 hook that someone had a bad day…or night. Possible post-release mortality. That area has multiple sandbars and a really big shark like this one would have a very hard time swimming back out, especially after a long exhausting fight. 




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3 hours ago, JBDoha said:

Poor girl. Wonder if the hook was barbed. FWC should probably require crushed barbs for land based shark fishing—but if the problem was sandbars, then it probably wouldn’t have made a difference.


Most likely not. When I was assisting FWC with the new shark fishing regs, I tried to get them to list it as a rule but they only saw fit to do a recommendation instead for the de-barbed circle hooks. In any case, it makes ALL the difference when releasing any shark. 


In the case of this particular girl, fight time was probably very long. Tide was most likely going out. Low water over those sandbars up in the Panhandle is a death sentence for any big tired fish. Many have perished that way. 

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