You May Be A Deplorable

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You want a wall which keeps you from seeing the other side digging.


You believe Mexico will pay for it.


You often dream you had teeth.


You employ undocumented workers because you're too cheap to hire Americans.


You shop at Walmart yet claim Make America Great.


You shop On Amazon but claim to support local business.


You made Home Depot Great.


Your pickup brings more joy than your family.


You watch colorful cars make unlimited Left turns.


Your favorite number is 3.


You spit in Bowl.


Fart in church.


Call Muslim ban not a ban.


Think you can actually catch 11m.


Think Trump can create an interrogation process to identify bad Muslims. Too bad it didn't exist to identify bad candidates and his surrogates. Perhaps a simple IQ test for the latter.


Can't pass an IQ test beyond moron.


Doesn't know what is an IQ test. No. It's not Introverted Queer.


Don't know what introverted means.


Stares at his neighbors .... pickup.


Thinks country music is music but hates rap.


Lives in a colony with gun nuts.


Sleeps with his guns. Often strapped between his legs.


Last but not least. Can't hump.

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Tim-how much longer will you permit this painful to witness mental illness charade continue?

Whining once again, mental illness? someone needing to be banned? Take a long look in the mirror.

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