Holiday Boxed set!

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A full set of 6 of the Big Bait teasers including the new grey color all of which were every successful with bluefish and striped bass.


Built strong and designed to last, up your game with these!


Set includes:


Gold box

All teasers are 3 layers of bucktail hair with two feathers on the shank tied on a mustad 3/0, 3407 DT hook then with an epoxy sealed head.

NEW grey over light blue over green - the Grey Ghost

Black over red over yellow - the Black Beauty

Pink over orange over yellow - the Tequila Sunrise

Black over green over yellow - the Original

Brown over orange over white - the Sea Robin

Purple over blue over white - the Attention Getter


Have you ordered before? 


$30 gets the complete set and box - shipping is $6.



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Hi pd07,


I have been dropping the price on others by .50 for orders over 5 so I will do that here.  The Big Baits are typically $5 each (the box was free during that promotion) so I can do:


6 big baits at $4.50 each for $27 + $6 shipping totals $33.


Here are some other colors you may be interested in.  They all come with epoxied heads, the Tequila Sunrise in the bottom right wasn't finished when I took the pic.



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When you are ready to order, send me a PM and I will share my PayPal address with your or you can send a check or money order, your choice.



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