Surf Rods in the 9 ft length

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Did you end up finding a rod that you liked? If not i would check out a tica dolphin 9'.think its rated 2-8 but its over rated...4 oz will be top end.rod will cost you about 120.or if you can swing a little extra cash i would go with a 9 or 10' odm genesis series.those will cost around 300 bucks and you can check both rods out at the surfcaster located in stratford.

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I'm somewhat partial to the Century line but that's just opinion. 9 1/2 foot Slingshot throws 1/2 to 2 very comfortably and if you want to go to 2 1/2 it still handles it.

When the fish are smaller I use a Lamiglas Surf King which throws 3 /8 ( my lightest ) and could go to 1/4, with a top end of 2 but 1 to 1 1/2 is perfect.

That Lami is an old design but great fun on schoolies and mid sized blues and will do nicely for fluke.

The Century will handle most fish that you will find. I have had blues to 17# and bass to 25#.

There are loads of options, prices and set ups as in 1 pc or 2 pc etc. Do some touch and feel and go to a few shows. You will find what you want.

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Tica's are awesome, I believe if you go to Bobby J's in Milford, CT he can replace your rod if anything happens pretty much free of charge since he's a registered authorized Tica dealer. All my buddies use them and Ive never heard a bad thing about them.

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