2 Drummers?

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Ya.....The ABB sucked.....mkay.


Your next thread is bestest guitarist right?


If it ain't Segovia, the list is malarkey. To compare someone like Jeff Beck to what them classical guys do, is, well, like comparing Herman Munster to the late Fred "Rerun" Berry. 


Though I do recall a funny story from Al Kooper's autobiography: he was waiting to audition on guitar somewhere, I think it was for Bob Dylan, and he watched the audition of the guy ahead of him in line, who just happened to be Mike Bloomfield. After watching Bloomfield play, he put away his guitar, and started thinking about what other instrument he was gonna audition for -- he said that he knew, after just a minute or two, that he would never be able to play the guitar anything even remotely like that. It was, Kooper said, like Bloomfield was from another planet. 

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