Line testing, ABS and KBS, a work in progress.

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On 9/9/2019 at 8:53 PM, wwen said:

Yeah I couldn’t find the PM function. I’m really interested in if the 50lb Yozuri is the same quality as the other sample because I am about Order 3000 yd of it soon.

That yo-zuri line is incredibly good, I like it more and more every time I fish. I lost an entire spool of 20lb to an sweetheart who couldn't hear me yelling at him not to cut me off trolling, so I picked up a 3000 so I don't have to worry about running out again89B829A5-6A19-4D28-8422-F5D22204BCC9.jpeg.615e5093fe14f73544bc9eeebd71dc13.jpeg

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That knot tied as shown will fail similar to a uni knot. It is no where near 100%.

The article he is referencing used a double braid formed by a Bimini Twist. If you can tie a 100% knot strength Bimini Twist knot then ANY braid to leader knot you use will break at 100%. The problem is very few Bimini Knot in braid is 100%. It is not only tyer dependent, it is braid dependent.


Doug, the editor of Sportsfishing Magazine is infamous for his 100% 7 turn Bimini Twist knot that no one can replicate. He is also famous for 133% braid to leader knot using IGFA testing(and the only way to achieve that is to wrap both legs of the braid on the IGFA machine, which is no way to test a braid to leader knot).

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48 mins ago, Yumeya said:

Has anyone tried the GT knot?

I still like the FG knot with one tag end for casting through guides....



This is bull****.....That knot is not even close to 100%.......It might as well be a slim beauty.  

I tested it awhile ago when I saw it first mentioned....just like that magazines bull**** 7 turn bimini that not a single person on earth can replicate

This vid is FAKE NEWS.


The drawing the mono knot tight then cinching alone will knock off a few points due to damage.....

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If you’re capable of a true 100% (or reasonably close) Bimini twist in braid, you have likely mastered using a bobbin. (I don’t believe it’s consistently possible otherwise-at least with thinner 30 lbs & under braids.)


But.... If you have & know how to use a bobbin, just tie a PR knot. No real need for the Bimini.  With a PR, it’s easy to make it strong if you tie a long knot on strong leader material. 

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