VS200 Black

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Never used VS200. I bought the reel in 2014 (I think) when the VSX were coming out. Got it as a back up. Never used it, it's been on a spare outfit since then. Line is sufix 40lb (i think). I am not sure if I ever registered the reel but I usually do when I buy so assume it is. There is one minor issue, I was an idiot taking the reel of the rod and scratched the foot. Pics show that. The knob has been upgraded (and has been used), the original is included if you wanted to switch back. Comes with the box and bag. $600 shipped, any payment.













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So I've been in the market for a reel like this, I've never owned one so I'm gonna ask a few dumb questions, so these models are all sealed and stuff correct?

Now is it a scratch or a crack, I couldn't tell from pics, and finally would you consider a Cash/trade, But mostly cash for it? Sorry for all the questions and thank you :)

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