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Do I need fishing gloves?


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Now that I have purchased a SA tube and Simms Sunhood. I use a white Kracken Angler long sleeve shirt or a black Under Armor long sleeve to protest myself from the sun. Does anyone here fish with gloves? Take a look at this pix of only 1 day fishing in the direct sun :cry:



I live to fish. Not fish to live. 

I fish because things in my head tell me to.

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Last year on a party boat, I was jigging in the bow. Every time I hooked up a group of guys midship would yell, "holy **** ISIS got another fish!"


Turns out they were active duty, nice guys and all in good fun. One guy had a beautiful German Shepherd therapy dog. I asked permission to pet her but not before removing my mask lol.


To be perfectly honest, if I were any shade of brown I'd think twice about donning my full sun gear in public. But until Asian dudes start blowing **** up...i think I'm okay.


Just bought a pair today. Pretty soon Im gonna be dressed up like a Muslim lady with all my parts covered up. :laugh::laugh:

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