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22 hours ago, playhard said:

KnewBee, why the preoccupation, the infatuation with memes using people of faith as the anti-Christ?  You offer nothing but ridicule for people who want to believe that there is some kind of eternal salvation and that it might depend on leading a life devoted to good deeds and family.  You seem to find nothing redeeming about those who live by, among other rules, and metaphorically speaking, the 10 commandments.


There is a post here today from the diary of the president's daughter that totally reflect poorly on the president, for what the diary asserts.  Yet, you find no joy in taking the president to task for what what amounts to a sin, or at least a departure from the civil laws of man, with what seems to be incest.  In this case you turn a blind eye. Is this deflection to provide cover for the President?



Good luck getting an intelligent response IF any response at all. Or a response that doesn't have "but but Trump!!!" or bashes Christians.

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Socialist Joe Biden skips the WH meeting with Oil executives today , but is scheduled a 3:30pm meeting with Governors and windmill energy reps .

Would this meeting be a easy IN for stock options for the Biden family ? 

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