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Seeing that big snook post reminded me that I haven't seen any picture sharing threads lately, unless I missed them. I hardly ever take any pictures of fish, especially if it hinders release time, but do enjoy it from time to time. Most of my pictures hold more personal meaning than anything, so feel free to share anything you got. Here is a few of my recent spotted trout caught in a lightning stormpost-50235-0-62660000-1459998369_thumb.jpegMy biggest land based king with my nephewpost-50235-0-12042700-1459998684_thumb.jpgElusive cubera snapper from landpost-50235-0-31168200-1459998824_thumb.jpgLot of spotspost-50235-0-85787400-1459998979_thumb.jpgHold em out!

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Nice! Thank you for sharing.


How was the fight with that beautiful king? :th:

If you google or Youtube search


"huge king mackerel caught at naples fishing pier"


someone took a video and put it on Youtube a lil while back. Not sure if I can share the link. Had no idea I was being filmed and my nephews friend found it one day, lol

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Nice king.

According to the person who edited the video, you"ll catch it Christmas eve this year.


Yeah, that is correct. Was over Christmas vacation and the nephew made me go again a few days later and got another nice one. Second fish ran alot more than the big one and fought longer. Big fish was 51 3/4" to the fork, so I just tell everyone 52", not sure why he rounded down.




Had to take a picture after the throat was cut because my Stepfather took 10 pics with half the fish out of the frame or we had no heads.

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Tuna on a Sudsy weakfish popper



PB NJ lmb



46" Tiger musky


288606_2316119665681_193800_o.jpgAnother trophy nj lmb





200+ biegeye




Chicken canyon epic tuna trip with footballs below rays


Best way to fight tuna










All fish were released unharmed.

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