KastKing Reels? New sub $100 waterproof reel?

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I know EliasV on youtube fishes them. I see they came out with a waterproof sub $100 reel called the [sharky II. Looks interesting. On paper it looks like an amazing reel. Any one have any experience with KastKing reels? You can get this reel for under 50 if you look around. Too good to be true.

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It sounds way too good to be true... A 50$ sealed reel? It's probably a Chinese re-branded reel that would fail after a couple of saltwater trips. I'm extremely skeptical about it. If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

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Here's more info:



Weight (g/oz)
Max Drag (LB/KG)
Gear Ratio
Line Capacity (mm/m)
Monofilament Capacity (Lbs/Yds)

Sharky 6000
14.5oz /405g
30.85LB/ 14KG
0.405mm/170, 0.435/145, 0.45/140
22Lb/185 Yds, 25/160, 27/150

Sharky 8000
22.5oz /630g
48.50LB/ 22KG
0.40mm/285, 0.45/245, 0.50/210
30Lb/185 Yds, 45/150, 40/125

Sharky 10000
23.4oz /655g
48.50LB/ 22KG
0.47mm/215, 0.52/175, 0.57/145
30Lb/235 Yds, 35/190, 40/160



KastKing™ Sharky is premium high strength spinning reel with a serious bite. Available in sizes from 6000 to 10000, the Sharky can be used to catch a wide range of fish --  from blue fish to sharks. 


KastKing™ Sharky comes standard with 10 + 1 quality smooth ball bearings, CNC machined aluminum spool and handle, and a computer balanced rotor.


Sharky’s all graphite corrosion resistant body creates a very light weight yet extremely strong and durable reel that delivers a powerful punch. 


KastKing Sharky innovative design allows a low weight-to-size ratio.


It weighs in at only 14.5 ounces/405 grams for the 6000 to only  23.4 ounces/655 grams for the 10000, but can provide up to 48.5LB or 22KG stopping power.


The continuous anti-reverse one way clutch system eliminates any backplay ensuring a consistently solid hook set. 


The front access drag system delivers smooth, strong, and consistent fish fighting pressure throughout its entire range.


With a bold look, a long list of features found only on top quality reels, and affordable price, the KastKing Sharky is the reel to have.


Whether you’re after apex predators or panfish; a KastKing™ Sharky puts you in command.


Incredibly strong and corrosion resistant graphite body with a crisp red and black color scheme.










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The least expensive reel you will ever buy will be a solid budget performer from a major company.


Inexpensive to start, customer service if needed, parts for years.


Stay away from fly-by-night OEM reels. No one, I repeat NO ONE makes a better reel for less money in the long run than the major makers.


Fishing reel manufacturing is a volume business. The more volume you have the more value you can put in your product for the dollar.


If you have never heard of them, they have no volume and they won't be there when you need the simplest of parts.

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