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9 hours ago, Rob Muller said:

Thanks.  I do have other migration questions.  First one: has there been any tag study or tracking studies done recently (last 5 yrs.) where they've tagged fish at the mouth of the Delaware Bay to see how far north on the Delaware River some of the Cows swim to spawn.  I realize the majority spawn before Trenton.  But, how many (or what percentage) spawn northwest of Trenton?  I would think it difficult for the big cows (30+ lbs.) to navigate the wing dams.  Second question: Are there many resident SB, both male and female, caught north of Trenton during the Spawn?  Any way to distinguish the resident from the migratory SB other than perhaps the migratory SB having sea lice and the cows being much larger?  I have also heard/read reports where some of the Chesapeake Bay SB have crossed the C&D canal and headed up the Delaware River to spawn.  Not sure how the fish biologists distinguish CB SB from DB SB.  DNA? I just find the SB migration fascinating. Thanks again.  Rob

Rob I went thu my notes and your questions are more in detail ,recent studies than what I have.  .

You can’t PM RJ due to the required posts .


You can search the site which has a ton of information . Let the post soak awhile and hopefully RJ will see it will respond .   

RJ will be happy you are fascinated & willing to help because it’s a great site for that

.   Hook I 






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@Rob Muller, it may be more likely to get the answers to your questions by posting this as a new thread in the Main forum.  Lots of knowledge on this site, but a great deal of those knowledgeable folks aren't fly fishers, and might never click on this thread given its title.

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