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Marine GOOP tube modification

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I can't believe it took me so long to come up with this. I am a certified GOOP addict, I am not shy about using it at all. The one problem I have always had was the big opening on the tube. It was impossible to apply it onto a small, precise area. This had always left my GOOP jobs looking messy. Well, recently I needed to apply goop to a precise and tight area. This area was around grommets that were part of my rudder install kit. Most people wouldn't even bother but like I said I am addicted to using GOOP. I wanted to apply a thin layer of goop around the outside edge of the grommet to give it a nice waterproof seal and also keep the grommet from ever getting knocked loose. However, I wanted to avoid getting any GOOP on the rudder lines and tubing. I couldn't think of how to possibly do this. That's when I remembered the ginger bread house I built with my kids this Christmas. The frosting had a bunch of tips you could screw on and they all had different sized holes. I wondered if those same tips would screw on the GOOP tube. I went to walmart and grabbed a pack of frosting tube tips for $2.50. When I got home I was excited to find it was a perfect fit! They screwed on nice and tight. I could now apply GOOP to my kayak without getting it all over the kayak. Just make sure you squeeze the tube slow and take your time.




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