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Abstinence spokeswoman honored by top publication

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Congrats to Bristol Palin on being the 5th most influential Republican under 30 years old! This is tremendous honor and well deserved for her work on promoting abstinence and being a role model for Republican baby mommas......




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Newsmax's 30 Most Influential Republicans 30 and Under

Image: Newsmax's 30 Most Influential Republicans 30 and Under Erin Stewart, Niraj Antani, and Saira Blair. (Twitter ; ;

By Nick Sanchez | Wednesday, 13 Jan 2016 10:24 AM




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While the face of the conservative movement is often associated with nationally recognized officeholders, there is in fact a large number of young men and women working hard every day to forge the future of the movement.


Even as younger officeholders like Speaker Paul Ryan, Sen. Marco Rubio, and Gov. Bobby Jindal continue to take up the reins, Newsmax is dedicated to highlighting an even younger crop of professionals — the 30 and under set — who are working in fields such as politics, grassroots organizing, media, and more.


Gathered below are the names of 30 influential Republicans 30 and under who are making strides to bolster the values near and dear to the heart of the movement. Along with the names and descriptions of these standout individuals, Newsmax has also included links to further information, as well as each one's public Twitter profile.


Rankings take into account each candidate's accomplishments relative to their age, and seek to highlight emerging voices alongside established ones.


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1. Erin Stewart — In 2013, at age 26, Stewart ousted Democrat Tim O'Brien in a contest for the mayorship of the sophisticated city of New Britain, Connecticut, and won a resounding re-election this past November. According to The Hartford Courant, "Republicans in the state are talking about Stewart as a possible front runner for governor in 2018 or Supreme Court Justice nominee while Democrats at the Capitol wonder if she might take a run at U.S. Rep. Elizabeth Esty's seat this fall."


2. Niraj Antani — Last year, at age 23, Antani won elected office as the representative of the 42nd district in the Ohio House of Representatives. Previous to that, he was the communications director for the Ohio State University College Republicans during the 2012 presidential election, and chaired the Young Americans for Romney in Ohio.


3. Saira Blair — Last year, Blair became the youngest elected state legislator in the U.S. when she won her race in the contest for the 59th district of the West Virginia House of Delegates. She is also a college student studying at West Virginia University.


4. Ashe Schow — A writer for both the Washington Examiner and Observer, Schow has garnered a lot of attention for her in-depth reporting, particularly when it comes to debunking the Democrats' "War on Women" and "Global Warming" narrative.


5. Bristol Palin— After coming to national attention as the daughter of one-time Alaska governor and vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin, Bristol has made a name for herself as an abstinence advocate for the Candie's Foundation, high school graduate, thoughtful book author and blogger for There, she writes inspired posts about faith and family with charm and grace.

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Yet, better than Clinton family values.


Zing!  :witty:


Still, numbnuts has a point. How many grubby little bastards has  Bristol Palin spit out now? Two? If she keeps it up, she'll be a welfare mother in no time flat. :dismay:

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