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​Set a goal this fall to take my older son fishing to spend time with him and to see if we can get him his first red drum.  He had never caught one.  So, after not being able to do Assateague with him, and after having Back Bay plans not work out, we settled on a place further south and hoped for the best.  Low pressure off the coast made fishing next to impossible, 12s were rolling, NNE winds made it worse.  We had to adjust plans as far as where we fished, surf was unfishable, except at the pier, and that was unfishable for a time. 










​The regulars on the pier were awesome.  They instructed Enrique on what to do, and one guy held onto him when they had him step up on the railing to lean over and steer the fish into the net.  I was grateful for their help, because landing that fish from the pier was challenging, swift current at the time.  I don't fish piers so I was no help.  A crowd gathered and all clapped when they got the fish up over the rail.  It was a great moment I will never forget.  Was 46 inches, and pretty much wore him out. 

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Jason and Enrique a few years back:

That's how I remember them.  Wow, time does go on.  What a super fish for a first one.  So good talking to Dennis yesterday. 

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