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Have you been fingerprinted, and if so, why?

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I see a lot of this in the gun threads, etc. Makes me wonder how anonymous anyone can really be these days.


I have been fingerprinted several times myself, once for an arrest (long story) and once for my captains license. Oh yeah, don't they fingerprint you when you're born? They still do that?


The arrest goes way back o 1979, never prosecuted, never charged, yada yada, but it still shows up on my record. Hasn't hurt me to my knowledge, but I do remember my employer calling me in years ago to hear my story. I told it, and nothing ever happened. It was years after I had been working for that company, too. They simply suggested I get it expunged. I simply don't know of any instance where it held me back at all.


So, have you been fingerprinted and how has it impacted your life, if at all?


How effective are fingerprints for crime solving, I mean, is that a common way to determine whodunit?

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That I can recall


-as a kid, local PD was 'registering' children back when kidnapping was all the rage

-once when arrested

-CCW permit

-TSA Pre Check


I can't think of any others at the moment

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