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California Aqueduct Fishing Rig? Best for Striper?

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Hi everyone. I have been fishing since I was a young boy, but my father was always the one to take me. Sadly, he passed away, and I hardly remember his techniques. Now that I am older I have been picking up fishing more often. My favorite spot to fish is the Aqueducts out by Taft. I usually use the fish finder rig (I think) that's the rig where I have a round 1 oz weight, a swivel, and then my leader line right? I use cut sardines as bait, and I cast it out and let it sit. The knot I use is the improved clinch knot. My line I use is a 8lb test but I think it's too weak, since my last attempts at fishing my line has snapped when a fish is on. Is that too weak? Anyway, on to the real question. I have been reading about the Carolina rig. Would anyone recommend that for aqueduct fishing? With that rig, do I have to reel in my line while fishing, or can I let it sit like the fish finder rig? Thanks everyone!

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Welcome to the boards. As I stated in your post on the main forum I don't fish the ducts but know some people that do. I'd say yes 8 lb isnt up to the task. If you use 30lb braid it's around the same diameter as 8lb mono. A 7ft rod would be fine since you don't really have to cast far in the ducts do you?


I know poppers and soft swimbaits kill it in the ducts if the fish are there. Have you ever considered plugging? Top water can be really exciting. I was in the delta earlier this year and an old timer was doing as you described. Carolina rig with about 1 oz weight with cut sardines. He would cast it out and retrieve it back slowly. Seemed to work fine for him as he picked up plenty of fish. Me personally if I'm going to be casting that much I'd rather toss lures. If you want to fish bait fish finder is just fine. Drink a beer and wait for the bite ha. Carolina n fish finder are pretty similar.

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