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On 9/5/2019 at 0:00 PM, DeepArgument said:

is there surf rod 9' with short handle around 16in from the reel seat down ?  i'm in a wheelchair  the longest handle i can use is about 16in maybe 18max. i bought a surf rod before witha long handle and i was hard to cast it because the handle hits my stomach , you have to be standing up to cast it properly. I also just received St Croix Triumph steelhead rod and it looks to noodley  to me, i would like something with a faster taper. 


I was actually thing of just buying another surf rod and cutting the handle down to where i need  it, but then i would lose the warranty.  

Have you considered having one custom built?

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15 hours ago, DeepArgument said:

I thought about getting a custom rod made, do you know anybody that's good at building rods  that would ship it?

Please try posting in the regional forum for your area and ask for recommendations.  It's best to find someone local so you can work together and get the rod built based on your needs.

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Thank you semi new to surf fishing as this fall would be the most saltwater fishing in a long time. Usually freshwater fishing but past 4 weeks saltwater fishing everyday if not every other day between 60 hr work week and family. 

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