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On 9/5/2019 at 0:00 PM, DeepArgument said:

is there surf rod 9' with short handle around 16in from the reel seat down ?  i'm in a wheelchair  the longest handle i can use is about 16in maybe 18max. i bought a surf rod before witha long handle and i was hard to cast it because the handle hits my stomach , you have to be standing up to cast it properly. I also just received St Croix Triumph steelhead rod and it looks to noodley  to me, i would like something with a faster taper. 


I was actually thing of just buying another surf rod and cutting the handle down to where i need  it, but then i would lose the warranty.  

Have you considered having one custom built?

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15 hours ago, DeepArgument said:

I thought about getting a custom rod made, do you know anybody that's good at building rods  that would ship it?

Please try posting in the regional forum for your area and ask for recommendations.  It's best to find someone local so you can work together and get the rod built based on your needs.

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Thank you semi new to surf fishing as this fall would be the most saltwater fishing in a long time. Usually freshwater fishing but past 4 weeks saltwater fishing everyday if not every other day between 60 hr work week and family. 

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I joined this forum a while back, but never used the forum or followed any postings. I am basically a fresh water fisherman but keep thinking about surf fishing. I have over the years accumulated surf equipment but never used any of it. (I have a disease that causes me to buy fishing equipment). To get started I am planning on using a Lamiglas  9ft, Ron Arra Surf Pro XSRA 1082-2, 1-4 oz lure and 15-25lb line Rod. And the reel is a Penn Slammer 360. I do have larger reels if anyone thinks I should use larger instead. Questions I have is the equipment a good starter package? I am a jig fisherman and will be tying my own for saltwater (suggestions welcome). Will this rod cast 1/2 ounce jigs reasonably well?Can I use 30lb braid line? Any help is appreciated. Thanx Pop

PS: I am reading Joh Skinner's book for the 3rd time.

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Hello new to the group. Just moved here to long Island few years now. It has been well to me. Looking to join and make some new friends in the area.Been fishing all my life now, And cannot get enough of the relaxation and friends you meet out there on the beach.

Thank you and happy fishing.

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On 9/22/2019 at 11:27 PM, Slowpoke Kid said:

Have you considered having one custom built?

Slowpoke Ihave one that is 8' with the reel 7" from the but.

It is great siting on a boat or chair.

I also have a 2' stick that I can shove in the bottom for hard casting off the shore.

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On 4/8/2015 at 6:37 PM, ltruong110 said:

Hello All,


I wanted to try to give back what knowledge that I have gathered here. I figured I could help out some of the new surf fisher(wo)mens. I have been building my surf gear setup slowly for a while now and wanted to share the information that I have learned. This information is to point people in a direction for them to start since I see a lot  of "I am new what should I start with?" The information is geared more towards spinning setups. Majority of the prices are from one of our sponsor. Again it is just information I have gathered and like to share.


If you would like to get the same product for cheaper check this link:


If there are any question or more information you would like to know, for example: what is better product A vs product B, try this link:(Must Be Logged In For Link to Work)


Thanks again SOL for always being helpful. 


Some Gear to think about.


The links found below next to the items are Stripers Online Amazon Affiliate links.

Auto Personal Flotation Device(PFD):(First on the list because it is usually overlooked. Things happen be safe)

Onyx  variety

Mustang variety

Bass Pro


West Marine


Spinning Rod 9' - 11


Entry Level "Budget Friendly"

$50-$80       Penn Squadron II        

$20-$40       Okuma Tundra                        

$20-$40       Daiwa Beefstick          



Entry Level "Performance":

$140 - $180 St. Croix Triumph       

$150 - $170 Daiwa Coastal Salt Pro

$70 - $100 Penn Prevail                

$120 - $160 Tsunami Air Wave      

$60 - $235 Tica Surf                       

$120 - $140 Daiwa Emblem           

$90-$160    Penn Battalion             

$145-$180 Lamiglas Insane Surf   

                    Shimano ??? coming soon








Mid Level:

$300             Shimano Tiralejo        

$200 - $290  St. Croix Mojo            

$175 - $230 TFO GIS Surf Rod     

$150-$190   Tsunami Airwave elite

$245-$330   Lamiglas Surf and Jetty


Deep Pocket Ballers:

$310 - $390 St. Croix Avid   

$410 - $680 St. Croix Legend

$550 - $590 CTS Vapor Trail

$360 - $420 Lamiglas Inifinity

$424 - $539 Century Surf Rods

                    Black Hole Cape Cod surf

                    Daiwa Saltiga ballistic (coming soon)

Cheapo Rod Shoot Out

Mid Price Rod Shoot Out


Spinning Reels:

Entry Level and Mid Range:


$75-$105     Daiwa BG (new version)

$80-$120     Fin-Nor Lethal             

$100           Tsunami Shield            

$100-           Shimano Nasci         

$75 - $130  Penn Battle II             

$115 - $200 Penn SSV                 

$120-$280  Penn Clash                

$240 - $280 Shimano Saragosa SW

$190 - $230 Quantom Cabo 50    

$190 - $360 Penn Slammer 3       

$200 - $220 Shimano Spheros SW

$240 - $280 Shimano Aero Albrid CI4

$220 - $250 Daiwa Saltist            


Deep Pocket Ballers:

$700 - $900 Van Staal          

$860 - $1028 Zeebaas

$900 - $1,260  Shimano Stella

$1,011 - $1,300 Daiwa Saltiga

$660 - $680 Penn Torque     


Lines 30# w/ 300yrds:



$17-$40 Daiwa J Braid     

$41 Suffix 832                   

$29 Power Pro Spectra Fiber

$31 Power Pro Super 8 Slick

$27 Spiderwire Stealth      

$ranges Daiwa Samurai Braid

$41 Spiderwire Ultracast Invisi

$38 Berkely Trilene           

$35 Berkley fireline           


Leader material: 

Monofilament  (when bluefish are around don't be afraid to use 80lb or 100lb test)


Suffix Superior


Triple Fish 



Terminal tackle for bait fishing

Hooks for fishing bait  (for chunking bunker size 8/0 to 10/0 is recommended)

                                    (for clams 5/0 - 8/0)

Gamakatsu Octopus J hook and Circle hooks (Do not ram a hookset if you use circle hooks)


Swivels:  Since you are using a slide to hold your weight.  Use a larger size over  130lbs or larger

Spro Power swivels

Tsunami swivels


Fishfinder rig weight slides




Good lures to start with:

SP Minnow                                

Bucktails    (check out the commercial Buy sell trade forum )


Yo zuri mag minnow                  

Yozuri mag darter 5" and new 6 1/2"


Swim Shad / Swim Baits

Tsunami shad standard

Tsunami shad heavy

Storm wildeye shad 



Tins, spoons, various metal lures

Ava Jig                                                 

Luhr Jensen Krocodile (beware copies) 

Deadly dick                                          

Kastmaster XL (deadly dick with vmc hook)


Pt. Jude


Big Fischer Pencil

Super Strike Darter


Loaded Redfin


Super Strike Needle

Loaded Cotton Cordell

Polarise Popper

Bill Hurley Sand Eel





Good Link to look at:

Essential Plugs



Tide Runner

Uncle mikes tactical (great value)


Van Staal


Police Duty Belt



Ammo Belts


Black Hawk

Surf Belt Setup!:


Surf Bag:



Shimano Blue Wave



WFO Trek Pack



Sargent Sportsmate (best/ strongest gripping plier, can cut hooks and braid  RUST RESISTANT)

P-line Aluminum

VS Titanium Pliers



Shimano Blue Water

Dr. Slick Barracuda

Lews Aluminum Pliers


Lip Grip:

Boga Grip

Knockoff boga style

United Plastics Fish Grip










Stocking foot wading Boots:  (beware of boa lacing systems...sand can cause them to freeze/ lock up and metla laces would need to be cut)




Neoprene socks to be worn with wading boots without waders (wet wading)



Outer Shell:

Stormr (various)  

Gill Pro Dinghy    


Aquaskinz Phantom

Guy Cotton Dry Top


Orvis Clearwater jacket



Wenoka Squeeze lock blunt tip       

Spyderco Salt Series H1 rust proof steel





It's best to use use a light that has a memory setting.  Meaning.  If you are using the red or green light function.  You don't have to cycle through the other functions to turn it off or back on to a non white light.

Red and green will preserve your night vision.


Princeton Vizz   

Princeton tec remix


Petzl PIXA 3     

Nitecore HC90    Waterproof 1 lumen glow to 900 lumen flood beam, dimmable with slider switch.  Lithium ion batteries, Red green blue white light, waterproof, rechargeable 


Belt Rod Holder: (This way you free your hands)

Modified PVC Pipe

HPA Rod Holster

Hammer Holder


Books to Read:

The art of surfcasting by Zeno Hromin

Striper Surf by Frank Daignault     

Fishing the Bucktail by John Skinner

Striper Pursuit:  Surf Fishing Beyond the basics

Night Tides by Micheal G Cinquemani



Here is a link from my google docs:


I know this is a lot of information but I hope it helps! 


Tight Lines!

Very detailed worked out usefull info , now awaiting your updated 2020 new products link lol ... thanks for your dedicated post . Joseph

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Great original post with added updates. Naturally I found this about 2-years too late but isn’t that always the case lol 

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