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Love this post guys, took some advice and I'm getting a Tsunami airwave 10'6 stick and a Tsunami Shield 6000 reel. Working on getting some poppers and plugs for top water action. My cousin lives across from the Cape Cod Canal so I am lucky in that regard. Can't believe he doesn't fish

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This thread is a bit old but I’m having the same problem. I was given this Sharky Baitfeeder III by a friendly man at the pier. He said it was broken and didn’t want it anymore. Upon further investigation, there was nothing wrong with it. It was a little weathered, and completely caked in sand. Took it apart to remove more of the sand, but when opening the compartment of which the bail spring was, the spring exploded out. I didn’t get to see the placement it was originally. image.jpg.84d7ad761d2d5407b58feb661a3a00c4.jpgIn the previous threads, that pin thing is metal and has a monkey wrench type hook at the top, where as with this it is a plastic spike with a hole big enough to fir the metal on the left.image.jpg.78802f080eb412873318cf3487b2a742.jpgI’m able to assemble all three together.image.jpg.ae58fdf98b4d033301772dbc4b0bd9f0.jpgThe spring and the plastic fit in this one crevice if I push the spring in a similar motion to inserting a battery into a compartment.image.jpg.7927a2046c890cd3bca8ee968bd2eca5.jpg The metal pin on the right moves up and down, and can come out.image.jpg.ffc6056e9921a4b276f52c57f5bca6ae.jpgOn the inside of the bail arm, I can insert the pin thing into a small hole, just like the spring.58320851490__ED49175B-8CFD-4F77-9541-7E49CE329B4A.MOV 58320858152__06F8B2D8-B3C7-492C-9154-22D5FD92C556.MOV| In these videos you can see the different depths of the inside of the bail arms.58320978978__7A03C10B-A240-4F0D-97B1-E3191BC06ACB.MOV| In this one, Im just showing you the potential movement of the gears.


p.s. Please excuse the background noise, im watching a show on forensics.

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On 8/9/2019 at 0:14 PM, Wire For Fire said:

Wtf is going on here ? Did all of terry gheeeys personalities make accounts 

Entertainment instead of educational as it started.

Maybe, some of Mod would clean up all those posts (including mine) so topic can go back to it's track.


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