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Hey have you read Jonathan Gruber's Scary Ass Eugenics Paper Yet?

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Originally Posted by JimG View Post


Originally Posted by Punk Freud View Post


The American VOTERS...




he said it passed due to the stupidity of the american voter. Only liberals supported and voted for the president on Obamacare. (So correct on mouth breathers)


I don't recall a "vote" by the public for "Obama Care"

aka Romney Care, aka the Heritage Foundation plan.


the public to buy health insurance from FOR-PROFIT corporations.

Some ideologues can't even keep reality in focus

right,  Jim?

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The vote was done by their reps and it was soundly voted down by the Republican party. Romney care is a bad idea that shifts the burden to the federal govt. Obamacare is a bad idea that shifts the burden to the young liberals that were cheering and clapping like seals. The stupid ones Gruber referred to.



Did you support it Punk?

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Ol 'Ligah tore him a new one, didn't he?


Man, when you let the cat out of the bag, these Liberals get angry, and start calling names...Really hateful.


And, when the ugly cat has the ring of truth, it must really sting to get a usually composed gentleman so incensed.


Poor Ligh, he backed a loser, and is riding it right to the ground.

'Ligah Poor Ligh, who is that?


As to lowering oneself to demean others...

the head moth breather Rush Limbaugh is CHAMPION and head cheerleader

How many women divorced him? 

see also: Rush Limbaugh, feminazi, sluts etc.



The esteemed, and Honorable Elijah Cummings.

Congressional(D) Representative from a gerrymandered district in Maryland.

Senior minority member of several high ranking Congressional committees.

no slouch.

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