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Hello SOL,


While or regular guy is not available I can easily take care of any sinker needs. When/ if he comes back out of respect I'll fill remaining orders then only keep selling heavy stuff.

Bank and Flat Banks are .15 a ounce and all hand poured from twice fluxed sheet lead really nice stuff. My sinkers NEVER contain wheel weights. Shipping is flat rate charges. $5.95 small or 12.95 medium to 65 lbs in a medium. Sizes below:


Regular Bank- 1,2,3,4,5,6,8,10,12,14,16,18,20,24,28,32,36,44.

Flat Bank-



Thanks SOL,

Dennis Bowman

Hi Dennis


I would like the following in Regular bank :

10 - 4  oz.

24 - 6  oz.

24 - 8  oz.

24 -10 oz.


In Flat Bank :

12 - 8  oz.

6   -10 oz.




Don't live very far from you so I would like to meet and pick these up.


Let me know


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Someone somewhere got to need some lead. I dare to put the quality of my sinkers vs anyone. Let's try this to get the word out about some true dead lead. 15 lbs of flat bank sinkers 8 ounce for $25 shipped! One only first I'll take it gets it! TX

 Hey Dbow, 


I know this is an old post but so far I have yet to see anyone say I'll take it. If it is still available I'll Take IT! Let me know!

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