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The Rut...

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seems to be on hot 'n heavy here in Maryland.


I went down by the Susky State Park at dusk and saw two bucks on does without even really trying (maybe three but they went into the brush before i could positively identify them).


I haven't been doing any hunting for the last several weeks cause i didn't have a personal vehicle and was trying to find one that I could buy with cash (they're not getting me to pay their finance charges).


Harder than it seems. All the car dealers price gouge on every car/truck but I didn't give in.


I found a 2001 Ford Ranger in pretty good condition that came from Florida so it didn't have corrosion damage.


The downside is that it needs a lot of TLA. I started to try to restore the truck Friday. I took it to the Auto Craft place on APG, MD and just wanted to replace the shocks and front brakes (easy enough, right?).


The guy running the place decided he wanted to try to bully me like I didn't know anything. I went along with him and he made me put the truck up on a lift (I didn't need to do that for this work).


The guy comes up and starts working on my truck and tells me to lower then raise the truck on the lift...





the truck starts rocking on the lift and slides off the lift over six feet off the ground.



It lands at an angle and crashes into a board and a tool box. The lift visibly damages the bottom of the cab.


I don't know what else is damaged but now my right turn signals don't work and the engine light comes on.


I'm taking it to a shop tomorrow and they're going to tell me exactly how much damage has been done to the truck. I have to file a claim with their insurance ( I may have to get a lawyer and sue them). The stupid guy at the shop was a dick and he caused it. All I wanted was a place to work on the thing. I have all the tools I need and even a jack and jackstand.

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I haven't been doing any hunting for the last several weeks cause i




Haven't been able to hunt for the last severel years, I won't bore you with why. Still waiting for an answer on the 7' shot a deer gave you.

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