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the Bogs in Wareham. Yesterday I received a call from a friend who operates and manages a good part of the cranberry Bogs for Makepeace to see if i wanted to see the last of the picking for this season. I accepted his invitation , since i missed the big event on November 12 when they officially open the bogs for picking. The Makepeace operation is so large that they hold a special public event on that day that includes a sight seeing tour, helicopter rides over the bogs along with many circus type events for the children of the area. Well he took me in his truck to see all of the new land they have developed[ they attempt to put in 50 acres more in bogs every year, at present they have some where close to 21 hundred acres in bogs to take care of and pick this year.It was great to see the specialized equipment that the company has manufactured themselves to harvest the berries. The fruit was in great color with some rich purple and reds among the mix . it is estimated that this years crop may be a record breaker, which is good for every one employed in this vast operation. The special cranberry water pumps were sucking the red delights into a wash plant and then the berries get separated from the rest of what ever gets caught up in the suction as the crop is dispatched into huge trailers to be brought down the road to The Ocean Spray plant.

I was reminded of some of the great fishing ponds they have on the property , which I have made a note to inspect in the near future.


If any one ever has seen the show American Pickers, they would have a blast picking this operation for some nice stuff. I saw several old gas pumps, one was most likely early 1900 or late 1800. It was a round glass upright , the glass was missing, but the rest of the pump appeared to be intact. They have an early restored Ford Truck sitting in the barn, along with all types of parts to do all the in house repairs .that keep seven full time mechanics busy year around.


One thing many do not know is that they also have an operation where they make all the ingredients that get to be placed on Ball fields with natural grass. Fenway Park receives all its soil made up to a special requirement for Fenway from this location.


It was a very enjoyable guided tour yesterday and if you have never had an opportunity to observe this huge operation it is a great spectacle to see, especially for the children in the family. When you get done at the end of the day you can find some food at the company store they have on site that serves a variety of food, for breakfast and lunch at reasonable rates.


I was presented a bottle of the new drink flavor mixed with the cranberries. Mango and cranberries go great together


The day was completed when we were able to put a few cranberries from the pumping operation for some Cranberry Muffins into a container to take home. Which I can not wait to have my wife make up this week


I gave my friend some of the quahogs, still in the fridge , which were graciously accepted. Every one was a happy camper :D

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