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Couple questions about surf fishing sting silvers with teasers etc..

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Ok guys got a couple questions...

#1: I just recently purchased a couple short bodied 2oz sing silvers as well as sliding buck tails for the teaser on the dropper loop... My question is what size/brand/kind of hook do you guys use with the sliding buck tail? and do you use a small crimp to keep the sliding buck tail from sliding? or just let it slide up and down the dropper line?

#2: ALSO I have read about putting a single hook to replace the treble hook. What size/brand/kind should I use, I was thinking a red hook would work well on some of my silver sting silvers

#3: What color sting silvers/buck tails do you find the most productive in the surf?

#4: What Pound Fluro/Mono leader do you use? Using 2 OZ sting silvers in the surf of NC?

#5: Would you use a curly tail grub or a small piece of cut bait on the hook with the buck tail (the teaser)

Thanks in advance for any advice... The first three questions I would really like some advice especially on since I have no experience with them.

Thank you so much!!!

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Not sure if I can answer your questions, But, When I fish Stingsilvers from the surf for Blues and Spanish, I just tie them on with a loop knot or use a small clip only, no swivel. I do change out the treble with a 2/0 or 3/0 live bait hook, either Owner or Gamakatsu. mostly for ease in unhooking the fish.

For Spanish, I retrieve fast enough to keep lure almost skipping along the surface, like a glass minnow, for blues a little slower with more of a twitch.

As far as colors go, I like pink/white, chartreuse/ white, silver, and gold, but all colors seem to work.

Normally, I use about a two foot section of 17-20# mono or fluorocarbon leader to my main line.

Can't say that I ever used them with a teasers or dropper loop, nor have I ever put any type of bait or trailer on them.

Like I said, not sure if this was what you were looking to answer your questions,.....

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