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my new torque 7

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My Torque 7

I bought/ordered the Torque 7 (Gold anodized ) sight unseen. I handled a 5 and a 9 in different shops and expected the 7 to be in the middle somewhere. When I picked it up first I was like man this is a monster, not much smaller than the 9. Talking with the salesperson we agreed that Penns sizing was something like the 5 is a size medium the 7 a XL and the 9 a 2XL. When I spun the crank handle I was sold, much smoother than any VS I’ve handled. I headed off to Montauk for 2+ weeks of non-stop fishing and to put this reel through its paces. I paired it up with a Fiber Star Montauk Marauder (MB1327MTX), the balance was good (reel seat 28in) just a little bottom heavy.

I also ordered it with a bail as I heard that the manual bail was excellent and if necessary could be converted easily if needed. Well 2+ weeks fishing two 3 to 6 hr sessions a day I never had the bail snap closed. Just the opposite, if I didn’t slam the bail home it would stay where I left it. There was no tendency to seat/close itself; it would stay where you put/left it. I found the drag to be consistent day in and out,(never readjusted from first fish/day caught) never slipping or locking up.

Weight wise it’s heavy, could take the bail off to shed a few oz’s but I’ll live with it. Casting various lures I was pleasantly surprised at the ease and noticeable increase in distance from previous penn reels (704 and 6500) and the line lay (50lb power pro) over the trip was excellent with 1 shim under spool. Retrieve speed took some getting used to. I really really had to slow my retrieve down as it is very fast. I felt uncomfortable reeling in under pressure (gorilla blues) with the BIG crank  I felt the rod twisting in my grip because of the travel/diameter of the retrieve motion(big circles) , also I had to adjust my standard under armpit stance retrieve as I would hit my chest/belly with crank. Had to extend rod and cranking hand out off chest during retrieves thus subjecting arms to even more fatigue. 

My #1 reason for buying/upgrading was need for something waterproof. I like to ramble the rock fields north and south sides and on my best day have poor balance, I would fall using 2 wading sticks. The Montauk Marauder rod is designed for this dual(walking stick) use. The Torque spent many a minute under water wading from rock to rock and picked up a few dings under the light (awesome 6 hr session on the 30th) and never lost that smoothness. I rinsed the reel after every session and a wipe when we left Montauk and it’s still smooth as silk.

The short and sweet is, it’s not like most reels and will take some getting used (weight/balance) to but it does what it’s supposed to do and I hope to be using this reel for many years to come. My only wish is that they come out with a torque 6 as I feel that the jump from 5 to 7 is a bit much.

Cheers Mike

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