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VEGA Conflict

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And the Chevy Bobcat - you can't forget the Bobcat,

Sometimes it started, sometimes it didn't. A roll of the dice every time you stuck the key in

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My Vega died back in the 70s.




One of the worst cars ever.


I had a Gremlin. Pumpkin orange. I swear all the other car makers gave AMC the paint batches that didn't work. I had a Maverick too.


I worked for brothers back when I was in high school. they'd let us drive their cars. One had a vega and the other had a pinto. I used to tear those cars up. me and my buddy drove the Maverick down what was once a series of garages on a hill. It was like driving down steps. :laugh:


Buddy of mine had a Gremlin when we where in high school... the wipers broke so he rigged it up so then could operated manually from inside the car.


I did the same with a '71 Chevy malibu wagon I had. Ropes going through the vent windows. :laugh:

We were out partying one night in my buddy's mom's gremlin. 5 of us in the car, the driver doing some kind of pills on top of the smoking and drinking. I'm in the back with two other friends. One asks the driver if he wants any pretzels. he says yes, takes both hands off the wheel and turns around, now facing us in the back seat. the car drifted onto the sidewalk and right over a pole people put in their pavements to keep people from parking on the sidewalk. :laugh:

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