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704Z: Some basic questions regarding drag.

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Messing around with drag recently, cleaning off.

Talking to guy in tackle shop.

Later, questions came into my little brain:


1. What is difference between Carbontex and HT 100 drag washers? My reels and spool were serviced about three years ago and I think they put the HT-100 in the drag.

2. Is there a preference?

3. It's acceptable to put a small amount of Cal's Drag Grease on either type? Tackle shop guy said no...stay dry. But washers get crusty this way.

4. Does a new spinfisher drag knob help keep saltwater out of drags on the old 704Z spools?

5. My 30 year old 704Z black spool "wobbles" on the shaft. quite a lot. How much play is normal?

6. Why is it such a challenge to get the spool back on the spindle? The keyed washers don't seem to ever align. Last night it took 10-15 minutes to get the spool installed.

No matter how I visually align the two keyed washers, the spool never seems to "slip" right on the shaft.


OK, thanks.

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My thoughts...

1)washers are virtually the same….a carbon fiber weave. Carbontex are slightly thinner and smoother. Ht100 are great drag washers.

2)If you can use ht100, they are cheaper. On my shimanos the ht100s need to be cut. On the 704, they are more than good.

3)I always grease ht100 and carbontex. Makes for a smoother overall drag and aids in waterproofing. Top end drag pressure is reduced, but its fine for stripers. calls is good, as is the shimano drag grease.


5)with a tightened drag knob you should have no wobble

6)the metal keyed washers could be pinched or dented from putting spool on wrong. that is why it is tough to put on right…just make sure it IS on right or you will have no drag.

other may offer different suggestions, but its a start!

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I use both types of drag washers and I'm a dealer for Smooth Drag. In the Penn spinning reels the HT-100's are just fine and that is what I use.

I use Cal's grease and all the SS reels should have their drags greased well. Just slap in on and put them in and add some on top.  I can't tell you how many times I've had to put oil in the spool where the drags go in, let it soak, and dig the old drag set out. Water sits right in there and corrodes. The Penn grease is fine for these drags also. It is what they now use on their new reels and they fill them up with grease. It doesn't effect the drag at all.

The keyed drag washers get bent but most of the time is the keyed end of the spool shaft that needs filed a bit to get things going right again. Also put the spool on backward first and it will help line up the metal washers.

The new drag knobs are much better than the old ones.

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