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Plug Heaven

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Well it been a long time since i have been out in search of Plug heaven at some of our local beaches. I normally made the trek several times during the year in the fall with my faithful rescue Rottweiler. Dutches would run ahead and run into the dunes and grass ahead of me and she would jump up like young deer to see where I was at. A few times during the walk I would hide and she always managed to seek me out. She was a great companion that befriended every one. Well ever since she passed away I sort of gave up looking for Plug heaven and that along with some physical issues sort of made it rather difficult to walk out to the places I know that will have a few plugs tucked away for me to find.


I have made a few trips out on Town neck beach here in Sandwich recently and managed to locate a few decent plugs. The walk did not completely wear me out, which was a good thing since my recent procedure on my heart allowed more oxygen to my lungs .


I decided today to walk out to one location at South cape Beach today walking in some old footsteps with my Dutches, like it was yesterday. Unfortunately I was walking with just the memories as I encountered huge excavating equipment in front of the golf course. I was astounded by the huge amounts of dead Horseshoe crabs littering every place I would walk. The sand was being dug up and being moved further up the beach. for what reason I do not know. As I got closer to where all the heavy equipment was working, it was apparent that my secret spot where a good source of old washed up plugs would be hiding was all dug up and gone from view.


I manage to see a yellow object in the track line where the front end loader was bring in sand to dump and after the loader went by I went over to investigate and I picked up a Gibbs Darter non the wear for where it was., The wood plug had most of its paint, but the hooks were a little rusty. In the bag it went , but that was the only one this day. On the way back I reflected when Dutches would run and hide or get ahead of me and sit and wait to tell me that it is time to go .


It was a nice day , water was perfect, sand was mostly clean. I was glad to get back to the truck and reflect on another time when plug heaven would reveal as many as a dozen plugs. This would not be the case today however, perhaps the next time after a good storm :D

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