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Van Staal 150

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Originally Posted by NightTide View Post

I have a VS 150 with 30 pound braid and I'm looking for a rod what would you recommend? Thanks



Originally Posted by NightTide View Post


Im 12 and looking for my first bass. I have theright gear VS 150 on a Lou Custom rod 9 for 1-4oz. I have a fair cast of 250-260 feet.

But i cant get any bass i went to montauk nothing Smiths Point nothing. I need some places to go and some advice on what to throw if you could help it would be great. Thanks


NightTide - Welcome to SOL.  I will refrain from speculating on your intentions here given the content of your posts but will offer the standard response to "use the search function".  There is a wealth of information on SOL and the learning curve can be shortened through osmosis.  Absorb the information here regarding how to "read the water", when to fish, and what to look for.  

To begin to answer your post: An 8-9ft rod is about right for the 150 but which rod will depend on how you intend to use it.  Back back perhap an 8' St. Croix avid/tidemaster, throwing soft plastics and light lures maybe a GSB 108L, and the options go on and on.  You don't need to spend a fortune only to find out its not what you want and there are plenty of budget friendly options such as the Airwaves, Tica's (UGSA and UEHA), and Star rods.  It is more a question of a what rod for _____lures in ____conditions.

You mention in another thread that you are interested in Wetsuiting and curious about the gear up bag.  I do not wetsuit and use a cheaper AquaSkinz bag for jetty work.  But searching through the threads you will find a plethora of information and posts pertaining to the Gear Up Product.  I considered purchasing one at a show in Berkeley last year but decided it was not something I "needed" for the conditions I plug in.  Having held one in my hands it appears to be a quality product but I am not in a position to recommend the product beyond simply stating it appears to a quality bag.

Overall I feel as though you are over emphasizing the equipment you have or want which we were/are all guilty of at some point in our fishing journey.  A hammer, Square and level are merely tools, but in the hands of a master carpenter much is possible.  Tools I would recommend are books by Skinner, Daignault, Zeno Hromin (worth reading and re-reading).  Perhaps you can locate a local fishing club in your area and become a member. 

I will leave you with the most important tool of all: Patience.  Take the time to enjoy the journey.

Be safe, have fun, and tight lines -


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