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Ca Delta 10\30\14 - 10\31\14

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Every year I use a couple days of vacation for my birthday and Halloween. This year was no different than years before, except the fishin was way better than years prior.

We got an early launch on Thursday from Brannon and headed to the first spot. Upon arrival I see the water filled with hyacinth and choking the fishable water down like never before. I make a cast through the gauntlet of vegetation and start to work the lure back, and BAM! first fish on! Nice way to start off my birthday! Release that one and fire off another. This cast and the next provide solid connections and fish in the 20-24 inch range. As im casting and catching my girl is next to me just mesmerized at the fact that I caught 3 fish in the first 3 cast of the day! I assured her that it would be her turn next. So as I casted out and began instructing her how to work a topwater lure I get the next fish of the day!! I hand the rod off to her and she reels in her first striper. Katie was super stoked and ready for another battle. We fished that zone for another 30-45 mins and collectively caught and released another 4 or 5 fish. Moved to spot 2 and put in another 2 small stripers. By this time the sun had been up for a couple hours (9:30) so we switched to swimbaits and went subsurface. Katie stacks up 2 more in the 5 lbs range and I bring in a green fish. Around 11:00 we call it a day and head for the ramp. Not too shabby of a way to spend my birthday!!


Day two I wake up with a slight hangover from partying with my neighbors and some family members. I look out the window and see overcast sky and no wind!! Made a spur of the moment decision and hit the road to Brannon. Head to the first spot and get just one swirl after 30 mins or so. Hit zone two and throw my offering over and over. Finally hook up again with a 8-10lb fish. This keeps me stoked for a while! I keep fishin the weedy flat and stacked up 3 more in the 20-24 inch range. Moved down river to a sweet looking weed bed that I always looked at on my way to other spots. Since its overcast and zero wind I decide to fish it and fish it hard. A few casts into it I get blown up on by a monster fish!! Must have been 20 pounds. I keep trying to coax it back, but get nowhere. As I fish the new spot I get a couple swirls, blow ups and connections from much smaller fish. Then it happened.... A pretty good fish hits my lure, dives into the weeds, and breaks off my most prized lure!!!!!!!! Its one that I turned on my brothers lathe and painted with just spray-paint. It looks horrible, but it's the lure I throw 90% of the time and have caught at least 50 fish on. It was the lure I had the most confidence in using. But all hope wasn't lost, as the fish looked to be paralyzed from the hooks, fight or maybe wanted to give my lure back. Im on the trolling motor hoping to grab this fish and retrieve my lure. As I approach, the fish sees the boat and rights itself and swims right down and out of reach. I was within 10 ft of that little f&%$#!!! Tied on another less rad lure and kept fishin. I did catch fish, but couldn't get the loss out of my mind. As im fishin, a tugboat comes by and i get ready for the monster wake he's kickin up. Head into the wake, and spear the third or fourth one!! Here comes between 30-40 gallons of water over the deck and into the driving area!!! Im ok with it though, as this is nothing compared to the lure loss!! I headed to the Sac side at this point to fish a weedy flat I've seen in the past. Fished it for an hour for just one swirl. Called it a day around 11:30-12:00.

Between the two days I must have caught around 25 or so fish, didn't have to work, and got to enlighten someone on my favorite hobby. The fish are around, just gotta get after em when ya can. And to all the guys who replied to the other recent thread..... Yeah it was the perfect day as far as conditions go... The fishin wasn't too bad either.

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