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Soup Thread

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we haven't had one in a while.... and It's that time of year


I have a new favorite.... One of the church lady's made "Clam Boil Soup" at a pot-luck last week... it was delicious and the concept is such a no-brainer... yet I t never occurred to me to make it and I had never heard of it


Minced Clams, Potato's, Corn, couple of kinds of Sausage, hunks of fish in a clear broth that was very very tasty (I'm thinking she had some nice stock as a base) :drool:


This one is on my to try at home list :th:

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What are implying BillyBob?


Just busting your balls.


I actually had a good one yesterday, spicy chicken with kale and white bean - it was from the local meat market, wish the wife could make it.

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I eat soup almost every day.  A lot of the time I will get two different soups a day.  The place I go to is the bomb, they have about 10 soups a day.  Here is today's menu:

soup of the day

Mix and match any soup with a sandwich, Garden Patch or Caesar salad, or Seasonable Side for a great Combo "Mate"!

  • +Triple Strength Chicken Vegetable (GF)
  • +Clam and Corn Chowder (GF)
  • +Chili Con Carne (GF)
  • +Lobster Newburg (GF)
  • +Italian Beef Stew
  • +Chicken Pot Pie
  • +Cuban Black Bean (vegan) GF
  • +Pumpkin Lobster & Ginger With Creme Fraiche GF
  • +Tomato Habanero and Cheddar Jack Cheese
  • +Utimate Chili Pie
  • +Spooky Vegetable & Orzo (veg)


The ones in gray are the specials, purple they have every day. Pumpkin Lobster will probably be the winner for me:)

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How could something be a no-brainer and yet never occur to someone?


I have a theory, but it's eggy day and I don't wanna blow my chances.


Blowing (someone) is the only way you will win an eggy...

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Today's the company chili cook off and Halloween party...there are six of us "competing".


Mine's a white chili.

Chicken thigh meat cubed and lightly browned.

Skin and bones and stuff to make a stock (also made some minestrone soup for my bride with this)

Cannallini beans cooked separately but mixed in later.

Poblanos, onions and one spicy pepper from a buddy's garden, don't want it too spicy but I did add a shot of Diver Down hot sauce at the end.

Plenty of toasted cumin ground, some oregano and tomato meats.




PS: I've now seen the competition and they're all pretty traditional...I should fare well ;)


Also made a crab and corn bisque last night, but that's going to The Cabin for the weekend.

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