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Calling BOH calling BOH calling BOH... WTW

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fischille abdicated or just doesn't want to do it any more. THAT WAS THE WEEK THAT WAS. For those of us that can't or don't want to spend every day here a weekly or bi-weekly wrap up would be a great service. Calling BOH.......I liked your attempts, go for it !!!!

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Mercy Bump :p


Thanks for the lone vote of confidence there Mr Runner sir. Sorry I can’t be of much assistance here as haven’t really been keeping up to good lately.


Traveling too much and working too much and it has dawned on me that both are a result of…me. Missed my anniversary this month (15 years). Most concerning about it was the wife (who is the absolute best part of me) was not really all that surprised – I felt like a major tool. I’m traveling for the next 3 weeks, missing youth waterfowl day with my boys that I promised them, as well as a bunch of other things, and most of this should not have been. Endless weeks and hotel stays that could be avoided by being productive for 40 hours a week and still have more than enough time to be a good father and husband (yeah yeah I know – wahhhh). I think what I’m saying is I’m gonna sign off for a while and get my**** together, get back in shape, and get productive so I can find time with the boys in the field, and baby girl in the playhouse, and the wife somewhere warm and sandy. Far as the Tavern, all I know is below…


: We are ALL still ebola free and in no danger of getting it (even if we go bowling)

: Where the **** is Dinghy?

: It’s good to see Tim back – this place is much better with him here.

: SIM is guilty only of being occasionally smug – and I like that about him, but then again I like most eveyone

: Some new old faces in the tavern – has kind of a good vibe. Just a touch of abynormal to balance the stoopid. You guys will make it work. No ******* Mercy Skidd!

: Change your avatars all you want, but Rav smokes a cigar and wears a big hat

: America being destroyed one speed hump at a time

: Men look at women. Sometimes they say****. Women don’t like it apparently. I’m still gonna look and mutter under my breath.

: PA is now free of militant cop killers and can resume whatever the hell they do in PA

: Lucky fishes even better now that he burnt his mod hat

: American made self destruct buttons work, Russian Rockets not so much

: Packing cantalopes with explosives and shooting them with a handgun is the best way to climb the country charts. Used to be you just had to write a good song. Waylon Weeps.

: boB has something to say – replace the muzzle with a protective cone to keep him from licking himself and let him howl!


Everything is good here, just letting some important things slip and need to remove some distractions, even the ones I enjoy as much as the tavern (and I do much enjoy it). Y’all be good now. I’ll be around when Patrick needs to shut up or I got somthin’ to say.


PS Ooots…wrangled the largest of my life this summer near the Mississippi. Wrestled her out of a ditch as she was chewing on a dead rabbit. She was freakish big. Over 50…sweet as could be in a sort of menacing want to chew your face off sort of way. I hugged her (sorta) and let her back to her pfeffer.


Lesson to all you humps – no shame in hugging a turtel…ever!

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