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john w k

What do Democrat leaders have in common with communist China? A minimum wage!

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One of the Democrat Party Leadership's outrageous positions is to meddle with the people’s inalienable right to be free to mutually agree in contracting the value of their own labor. The Democrat Party constantly panhandles setting a minimum wage as a noble cause. Similarly,China’s communist government sets The minimum wage:


Article 48 of the Labour Law stipulates that the statutory minimum wage should be set at a level sufficient to support the daily needs of employees. It was not until March 2004 however, when the then Ministry of Labour and Social Security implemented its Minimum Wage Regulations, that guidelines were put in place to establish a framework calculating and adjusting the minimum wage.


The Regulations state that regional governments should determine and adjust the monthly minimum wage for full-time workers by referring to:

## Minimum living costs of local employees and their dependents

## The consumer price index for urban residents

## Social security and housing fund contributions paid by individual employees

## The average wage of employees in the locality

## Level of economic development and the supply and demand of labor in the locality.


What the democrat leadership refuses to acknowledge is how government setting a minimum wage adversely affects our free market system, and in particularly how it affects inner city youth who have dropped out of High School who are not prepared to earn a “living wage”. The most glaring example of how a government set minimum wage has destroyed a lifesaving opportunity for high school drop-outs is to look at a New York City newspaper from the early 1960’s and turn to its help wanted section. To our surprise we will find a significant number of jobs, especially in the trades [plumbing, electrical, carpentry, etc.] available as “will train“ positions. At the time, these jobs provided a second opportunity to many high school drop-outs to not only find employment, but learn a well-paying trade in the process if they were willing to buckle down and take the opportunity. Countless part time positions were available with a very low hourly wage, but the pay was rapidly increased as the employee’s productivity increased which allowed the employer to give an increase in pay proportionately equal to productivity. In the process the employee learned a valuable trade capable of providing more than just a "living wage".


Unfortunately, because of today’s countless government financial requirements added to the cost of hiring a new employee in the trades, and would include an outrageous minimum wage in addition to unemployment compensation, Social Security Payments, Medicare, etc., a business owner today who may like to hire a high school drop-out as a trainee finds the government added costs prohibitive and thus, the bottom rungs on the employment ladder have been cut off by government for many of our nation’s high school drop outs, and this creates a built-in financially dependent sub class.


But there is a motive behind this minimum wage lunacy and it has nothing to do with helping the unemployed or those who have very little to offer an employer. It is obvious that Democrats are attempting to flimflam unskilled poorly educated souls into believing there is free cheese and is intentionally designed to keep them dependent, rather than providing them with a way to learn how to make cheese and become financially independent in the process. Were we not warned against dependency by our Founding Fathers?









If we can make 51 percent of America’s population dependent upon an Obama, welfare, food stamp, section 8 housing, college loan check, and now free Obamacare along with FREE BACON, we can blackmail them for their vote, keep ourselves in power and keep the remaining portion of America’s productive population enslaved to pay the bills ____ Obama’s Marxist Free Cheese Democracy, designed to establish a federal plantation which redistributes wealth that wage earners, business and investors have worked to create.

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What do US investors want? 

No minimum wages in China.  As it is, it’s lower than and cheaper than paying our own here at home.  

Is it true that Chinese parents tell their children to eat all of there meals because children in America are starving?    

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