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6 mins ago, Tbird650 said:

True poetry. Well done sir


I worked on salmon boat as well. True adventure getting blown into different towns for the summer to get drunk and  cause a ruckus. Wake up trolling ,killing fish. Good times




South East Farallon Island in the background

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Seems like Ocean has been crap forever...  : (


But I managed to get out towards end of December and get a few pretty Lings...




In January I snuck out in between storms and got a big 30 inch Monkeyface and similar sized Ling.




Monkey was great smoked.




Last Saturday I got out for an afternoon paddle and dive and found great visibility and plenty of fish...took a few blues, a kelpy and two nice Lings, one of which was super stocky and meaty.





Was nice to have fresh Ling/Rockfish to eat, and shared the catch with some non-diving buddies.


: )





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You might be right......... lol



Free diver Jim Russell, pictured from Watsonville has once again claimed the California State record for monkey- faced eels. It has been a back and forth battle between two good friends and dive companions. Russell matched the monkey-face record in March 2011 with a four-pound 12-ounce fish. Fellow free diver Harold Gibson then broke his record in July of that year with a six-pound six-ounce monkey-face. Russell bounced back in March of 2012 with a 6-pound 10-ounce fish, and was bested again by Gibson's 6-pound 14- ounce eel in September 2011. Last Saturday, Russell prevailed once again. His latest monkey-faced eel weighed in at seven pounds five ounces for the new state record. Congrats Jim!


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1 hour ago, SaltWaterRooky said:

Is fishing that slow right now that no one is catching anything?

yesterday I snagged a 2 foot leopard in the tail, that was a hot mess. otherwise, getting the occasional perch but nothing big. one guy I know is consistently getting some nice LMB on the fly at a local lake. 


feels like the surf perch had a breeding frenzy about a month ago and now we're just waiting for them to come in and release the babies. not a huge year for perch down here but the bait guys always get a few.



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11 mins ago, cityevader said:

I'm catching nothing but seaweed since last September. 


You wanna catch surf perch? Berkeley Big Gulp Sand Worms or even better--a bait rig with shrimp or sand crabs. I don't enjoy bait fishing so I don't do it, but its probably the most effective technique if you're getting skunked. Striper will be returning to our beaches soon anyway... saw a 26" bass posted on IG this week, from the surf. 



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Been getting some fish but it has been a grind.

We've had a really wet and windy winter. The south wind has been kicking my ass, keeping the water filthy were I'd really like to fish.

I've had some success using black and purple flies in the dirty water but I'm way off last years catch rate for this far into the year.

I'm hoping the chocolate water disappears and the good gray colored water starts showing up.


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2 hours ago, Midnightpass said:

Not a big guy... But a legal with some nasty dentures...






Released to get a little bigger...



Hey Butch, did you get the Hali on the Hot Lure (LC cherry berry).

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