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After going 0-5 with the bad smell of the Skunk on me I decided to go see  Winch with another buddy of mine. We had a great conversation and bought 6 of his plugs. Drove around the corner from his house to a spot and on the second cast I felt what I have been missing...Fish On! not big but will take it. Another, 7-8 small fish all released. The phone was in the car so no pictures but finally!! At around 9:45pm the police made us leave and remove the cars from the parking area. Thanks Winch and appreciate the tips!

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There were 4th of July fireworks early for me this morning with topwater/teaser explosions. Caught these two, one about 8 lbs the other 10 lbs. Landed three others that were released and missed a few others. Halco Roosta Popper paired with clouser minnow fly teasers dropper rig pictured got them fired up. Got the small one on the popper and the larger one on the teaser.

Happy 4h of July West Coast Crew, Tim S. & SOL!!!




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Was at it early today and fished from 5:30am to 8:30am. Caught 3 with the Winch magic plugs. Being the nob I dropped my I-phone XS max in the sand and and was lucky it survived. While trying to get this photo some dude took my spot and landed a nice one. Note to myself need to buy a Boga grip and something to weigh and measure these fish.

Will be out again this afternoon and if you see the big guy with the big O hat its me. Thanks for all the tips and advice as I might be turning the corner and now have some confidence back.


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11 mins ago, Haywardstriper said:

Fished PM and Nada. I do have some leaking waders now and need to exchange. I have been using Patagonia Skeena River waders and need to exchange. What waders you all wearing?

do a search for waders in the main forum and you will learn more than you need to know. I wear Simms waist-high breathables in winter and neoprene kayak pants in summer. But check out USIA waders website, those things are custom made and bomb proof. 

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I had my best session of halibut diving in a while (ever?) for me last week with a limit of quality butts (27, 30, 34 inches).




Spooked both bigger fish and hit them on the fly...bigger one right in the tail lol!


Ton of beautiful fillets to feed family and friends.



Unfortunately I mangled my finger cutting up some Salmon on Thursday so am meant to stay out of the water for a!



Hopefully there are some more fish around once I heal and can get back in the water.


: )





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Jim sucks on the finger man, chain mail glove does wonders for fish cleaning, nothing super glue and a little duck tape won't fix. Losing time on the water, now that is priceless...


Got two this morning and my fishing partner got one. As you can tell by the fingers in my pics my camera man was my 6 year old and these were the good pics. I also found out that angry wife's & trash compactors can't break an Ugly Stik but a 20lb plus striper sure can! Hooked a third fish that was BIG & when I reared back & set the hook really, really, hard after the take the lower top section of my rod shattered (see pic). I heard the familiar sound of fiberglass splintering and let pressure off the fish for fear my rod would break in two and it shook off on the slack line, boo! Good news have the receipt and is under 1 year almost to date warranty. bought on 7/31/18 BPS. 

Ugly stik for trout 






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Did some hillbilly crabbing today.

Stake up a garden pole with a bait box full of chicken.

Pretty fun to watch the crabs run out of deeper water following the scent trail and earning their place in the pot.

Site fished some sand dabs while waiting on the crabs.








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3 mins ago, ghostfish slayer said:

I released one dink last night and managed to put a brand new vmc 9626 in my nose.. it tickled a little.. 

How did your coworkers approve of your new piercing?

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