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Reading the water...

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Poppy ... thanks for your time and effort. Like anything its better having a visual reference along with the hows and whys to really understand. I have had people try to tell me about reading the water (steve =) but w/o a visual reference it was harder to try and see in my mind what they were talking about.


thanks again!

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Thanks to Skatebaits posting on the wrong thread, one of the most informative posts I have read on this forum gets bumped to the top again. Couldn't have happened at a better time. smile.gif Thanks

John DMS# 2255 AKA "Ringo"

See ya on the sand!
DMS # 178
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icon14.gif GREAT POST POPPY icon14.gif


I've bought many books and read quite a few articles on reading the surf,and not one of them explained it in the detail and simplicity that you did.Thank you for your time and expertise!!!


HappyWave.gif WE'RE NOT WORTHY HappyWave.gif

"Little Boat,Big Feesh"
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That has got to be the most informative posts I've ever seen.


Many a day I've walked the beach trying to ascertain just what in the h*** is going on. Even after having read Lou Tabory's excellent book, Inshore Fly Fishing, I still deem myself a neophyte.

I guess I'll just have to quit my job and be a rockfish (as opposed to a trout) bum.

Your post answered tons of questions.

Thanks again!

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