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Poppy, great write up and thanks for the pic's and illustrations. This will help a work mate. It's easier to show with the pictures and illustrations.

In the write up you say it's info for bait fishing, I disagree slightly. I say it's for fishing in general. I use these excact areas I find to plug the edges of the flows. You show places to have baits placed. I look for the edges and how I can access an area to place a plug on those areas to have it run the edge of the flows. Thanks again.

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Poppy, that was spectacular icon14.gif


And as long as you have no objections, I'm gonna turn that one into an article and add it to that section of the website so folks can referrence it forever. Very well done smile.gif



Show someone how to catch striped bass and they'll be ready to fish anywhere.
Show someone where to go striped bass fishing and you'll have a desperate report chaser with loose lips.

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Great article Poppy! Thanks for posting this. I thought you wanted us to see the curling action from the outer (deep) sandbar in that first picture. Might be a good spot to not only cast in front of but also cast over.



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Am I stating the obvious here? The rays are following the outer sandbar as they travel down the beach. See how the wave is cresting right on the outer flank of the school? They are traveling on the path of least resistance.


This gives us an important insight into how bait moves, and where stripers will be expecting to find their food. Stripers sitting in the slough are watching the inner flank of the school of bait for weak or disoriented fish to show up. The position of their eyes allows them to look up and across the bar without looking the bar itself.


As the bait tries to take the path of least resistance, the position and direction of schools of bait on otherwise featureless beaches can also provide insights into the geography of the beach as the bait repsonds to the currents it is encountering.

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