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Hey TimS

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First things first, here's what yah gotta do with the PM's before yah come to mesmile.gif


1. Make sure that you don't have any PM's in your inbox that go below the line there. Delete them at least up to the line.


2. Go to PM preferrences, choose to have your "Outbox" show, separate page or same page option, doesn't matter. Save those preferrences and go back to the PMs.


3. Go to Outbox - delete all the messages. in yer outbox - all of them.


4. If there are too many messages in your outbox, you will get an error message after the outbox loads. What you will need to do is hit the back button - then go to Outbox again - as soon as the first message is visible, hit the "stop" button on yer'll stop before the error message comes up. Now delete all the messages in the outbox. It sometimes takes a few tries to get it to "stop" before the error...but you'll get itwink.gif


I can tell who's got waaay too many messages in their inbox/outbox by looking at the size of the files - here's the folks most likely to be having trouble based on the size of their file:


bassmaster (like I'm surprisedwink.gif)


Crazy Al

Mike Fixter


Ditch Jigger



Big Luke

Al Goldberg



Big Country



Got Stripers





Phil L


Cool Hand









and about 20 others that I don't wanna type right nowicon15.gificon15.gif


If yer name isn't on that list and yer having trouble, lemme know. Basically, everyone should follow the steps above to make sure their PM's are gonna work properly. Even though most have chosen "don't save sent messages", the stupid PM's still save themcwm24.gif


Try these steps Gadwall, then lemme knowsmile.gif





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It's still busted Mr. Smarty Pants tongue.gif


That Error 500 thing was really funny.


Like cell phones and outboard motors, they really don't have this internet thing figured out.





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no, she told me that if we didnt get hitched i'd wind up lookin/actin like you wink.gifbiggrin.gif


You mean she said you would grow 11" confused.gif, and walk around with a smile on your lips and a song in your heart?


weird man, weird


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