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2nd Annual Summertime Kids Fishing Contest

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Well what can I say? It's summertime here!


I’m happy and proud to announce the second annual SOL Kids Summer Fishing Contest!


This contest is open to all SOL members, old and new, who have seen fit to get a kid out fishing this summer. The rules are simple:


1 – This contest is going to be limited to those children 17 years old and younger.

2 – Photo must have been taken between April 22, 2014 and August 31, 2014 Post photos in THIS thread.

3 – To be sure the photo is caught between now and in between the end of the contest, any of the following will be accepted for this year's contest. A "thumbs up" by the child, an "OK" sign by the child, or a "peace sign" by the child. If this is too difficult, I'll post a sample photo. :) in the photo. If the child has their hands full… someone in the photo must be giving the sign. This is much like receiving a token at the beginning of the tournament with which to photograph your fish to be sure it was caught that day. Unfortunately, any photo NOT containing one of the three acceptable signs will be disqualified. Just trying to keep it honest and fair here.

4 – Each photo entry must have the child’s first name, age and the date the fish was caught in the post. A little about the kind of fish would be appreciated too!

5 – Every member needs to be sure that upon entering, their contact information in their SOL profile is up to date in case you are the winner and we need to email you.

6 – The prize is for the child, NOT the adult. Your prize was getting to spend time out fishing with a kid.


This will all be done on the honor system. We are, after all, a bunch of adults, and this really IS about the kids.


There are five main prizes this year. They will be awarded as follows:


Best for ages 3-6

Best for ages 7-10

Best for ages 11-14

Best for ages 15-17

People's Favorite


Prizes are still being worked out, but we're looking at $100 bucks a piece for each age group first place. PENN has stepped up once again and there are five reels to be given out. Choopy is pitching in some pluggage and once I get the rest of the sponsors and donations for prizes, we'll be sure to dole them all out properly. Hopefully I'll get enough donations to do 1st 2nd and 3rd in each category.


Update: So far SOL (Tim and Carole) have donated cash, PENN fishing has donated 5 reels, Choopy has donated 5 plugs, Branford Jeff has donated 5 lead packages. cabissi, sinjin and ferrett have also steppwd up with goodies! Will keep this updated as donations for prizes come in. Looking good for first day!



Winners will be chosen this way:


I will be choosing an anonymous hand-picked panel of judges.

Members can vote on their choice by choosing the “thumbs up” button at the bottom of the post. The top five will be taken from each category and then it is up to the judges. In case of a tie, I will flip a coin. To be clear... I AM NOT A JUDGE of this contest. I have an odd number of oddballs judging this one.


Winners will be chosen not just necessarily on the size of the fish, but the difficulty and just the awesomeness of each photo. It won’t be judged on the quality of the photo… more of the quality of the moment. It’s not going to be a PHOTO contest, it’s going to be a kids fishing contest.

The point to this contest is to get those kids out there fishing this summer instead of sitting behind a computer or gaming console. It’s also to encourage adults to get out there and do their parts in teaching kids fishing. Be sure while you’re out there to start teaching them things such as etiquette and conservation as well! Maybe pick up a little trash someone else left behind.




Typical Disclaimers… if you post a photo here, you are allowing SOL to use the photos here or on our Facebook page for advertising of the contest and/or the website. Judges decisions are final.

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This is a great idea I hope it inspires more dads and uncles to take the kids out fishing. I have 3 kids and we go fishing a couple times a week. My son just got his report card and his wish for getting all A's he wanted to be able to take a day out of school to go striper fishing when they started to run. He missed it he got all A's except one B. He doesn't know it but I will take him anyways.

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This is great!  Cant believe I missed it last year.  We havent been out as much due to sports & weather etc but hopefully things will pick up.  

Great idea, thanks!

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Great idea.  I am going to show my son this and hopefully get him out more with me.  He is 10 and gets bored chunking.  Maybe I will let him in my lure bag and toss some plugs or lures to give him some exposure.  Thanks.



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