Is "mine" the new "I'll take it"?

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Just because it's been going on for a long time does not make it correct.


There is a flaw in the posting system that allows you edit your post without saying you edited your post.


If you immediately go back and edit you could post just (") and complete the phrase in your edit like this:


"I'll take it"


Check your email notification, you will see.


Even this last line got through.


There is no flaw, bunnymoney.

There's a short grace period for members to add, delete or correct content without leaving a visible trail.


Some of us can see everything. ;)



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Well technically in that case it goes to me!!!! My wife sells Lularoe. Facebook started to key in on certain words like "Sold" so now her customers say "Mine". Maybe other forums or websites have done the same. Either way, as long as your answer is not ambiguous, you should get it first.

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