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Look at this beauty

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This is the Galatian Quiet Energy from Hatsan.


It hasn't been released yet but it will be available in .177, .22 and .25. A price of around $769 for the .177 and $799 for the latter two.


Hatsan is a Turkish company that began exporting their rifles to the US as Hatsan USA. There are two really big reasons why Hatsan/Hatsan USA is being taken seriously.


First, they use real lead to test & spec their rifles. Not PBA ammo like most other companies. I believe I've even seen a few videos where their tests exceeded the spec sheets. That's not something you see very often.


Second, they listen to their customers. They had some QC issues so they hired a really well known guy to work out some kinks. They fixed it. Then some customers were complaining about how loud the gun is so they came out with the Quiet Energy line. They took their loud guns and put shrouded barrels on them like you see above.


I'm hoping their next change will be a bullpup. PCP air rifles require a reservoir tank. Most are underneath the barrel like you see above. Some replace the tail stock with a bottle like on this AirForce Condor:




A bullpup allows the reservoir to be well balanced right above your hands and it's the future of airguns.

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He's just busting my chops.


Here are some more stats from the Galatian III


PA lists it as a 2 on the loudness scale.


.177 1130FPS 24FPE


.22 1050FPS 36FPE


.25 950FPS 40FPE


They also have the BT65 QE




.177 1250FPS 30FPE


.22 1180FPS 45FPE


.25 1090FPS 52FPE


It's a little louder (PA lists it as a 3) but more powerful. It's also a little cheaper at $669.99 suggested retail but also a little heavier.

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It's still a toy. :p


Do you really believe that? C'mon you can't be that stupid, just because it doesn't use gun powder doesn't mean it isn't lethal



He's just busting my chops.






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