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10 hours ago, R.R. Bridge Fisher said:

Cool Finnish!

Yeah it’s a pretty simple effect. Take the already primed plug and spritz it lightly and evenly from a distance with BIN. The BIN dries so rapidly, it’s partially dry by the time it hits the surface of the plug, making kind of a “powdered” texture. Do it just a couple times for a more subtle texture, or multiple to make it more pronounced.  Go over it with a metallic, or pearl base coat with transparent over that and you get that dinosaur skin look. If you go over with matte the texture totally disappears under the epoxy coats.  



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1 hour ago, Punch63 said:

Ribbon, being like a stencil, give a nice effect to the paint

What kind of ribbon?  Always wondered how people got the “pube effect”. …that’s what i call it lol.   Here’s a big fish where it looks like he used the same stuff. 


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