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ANOTHER "what blank/rod for..." question

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At the recomendation of a few members in This thread, Ive come to trouble you guru's with yet another "what blank", "what rod" question.. my apologies, but I do appriciate your time and input.

Originally I was looking at Breakaway Rods.. and the above thread was based on that. However, It has come to my attention that things are much more complex than i had imagined. cwm12.gif

I thought Breakaway was Breakaway.. then learned that Breakaway was All Star.. and now rainshadow?? Sheew eek.gif

Ok.. so, Im looking for a rod. I havent decided to actually have one wrapped yet.. but we will cover that option in a moment.

I would like a rod that is 10' and/or under in length.

I would perfer a 2pc (for reason of transportation and storage. Me and my family being accident prone..I cant imagine a 1pc 10' chunk of graphite not getting broke in my house biggrin.gif )

It will have to be conventional (so my pet SX will have a good home).. and I am looking for something in the 3oz and under range(1.5-2oz sweet spot)...

Usage will be shallow water perch, occasional corvina (if I should be so lucky), average(10" around here) ray's, bonito, small halibut.. all from shore or off a pier (the pier being the main reason for a 10' or under limitation).

Line class would be #15-20, with braid being my main line choice.

First I would ask what are some recomendations on a factory rod. I was using a St Croix Ben Doerr that I got as an overstock item cheap! I like'd the rod.. but having to pay full retail to replace it spurred my thoughts of other options in the same price range.

Second I would ask; If I were to consider having a blank kitted up for me.. what are some blanks that would fit the above criteria, while keeping the over all cost as close to a factory rod as possible (say, around $100+/- since it will take another $100 for parts and labor to have it wrapped)

I was looking at the Breakaway/AllStar(?) BGSW 965 and the BGSW 1145-2. Also, listed on the Breakaway site (but not listed on the All Star/Breakaway catalog) LDFC 80 MH .

Now I know little next to nothing about Rainshadow blanks and what ones are "breakaway" models..but by search I've come across the "SW1208" as recomended for light surf, as well as the All Star 1265/2... and the Breakaway(I dont know if it was an All Star, rainshadow, or what??)1266...So Ive tryed to search out my answers.. but honestally, all the model numbers dont mean much to me redface.gif ... Any input would be greatly appriciated! HappyWave.gif

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Could I ask for opnions on the Purglas PSFB300/0-2P and/or PSFB250/1-2P


Another blank I have come into here by search was the Rainshadow 1265/2 which I can assume is nearly the same blank as the All Star 1265/2?

Sorry if that is an obvious question, but this whole thing with All Star/ Rainshadow/ Breakaway has me a tad confused... I know most factory rod manuf. buy bulk blanks from the same sources.. but even that had become cloudy with these three sources. thanks again

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Regarding the Purglas... While there are a couple of their rods that I love... I know someone who bought the 300-0 for casting plugs and was VERY disappointed with the casting performance.. At the OBX the 350-2 and 400-4 and 400-5 are very popular, but I no of only one person using the smaller rods and he doesn't like it.. the same person loves the 350-2....

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