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Madeira Thread for Butt Wraps

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I've been pushing Madeira Polyneon thread as the BEST thread for butt wraps for quite a while. I know a bunch of guys who have tried it, and agree. The problem most seem to have is the color chart is $8. Sometimes they'll send you one for nothing, other times they won't.


If you are thinking about shaded wraps, this is the only thread to use. They offer 350+ colors, and are a fraction of the cost of Gudebrod (Retail is $3.30 per 1000 meters). Even if you just wanna few extra threads to practice with, it's cheaper to use Madeira than Gudebrod, plus it's easier to use, and looks much better (imo).


If you are intersted in getting some, let me know. They also have a thread box which holds 48 1oz spools of Gudebrod/Madeira, and 96 100 yard spools of Gudebrod.



More info:


PolyNeon is ONLY for use on Butt wraps, it doesn't have the strength to hold a guide, yet it is more than strong enough to withstand my abrasive metal packing tool, much moreso than Gudebrod. I can't explain it, Gudebrod is stronger, not stretchy, and will pop when I slip with my burnishing tool. Polyneon is nice and stretchy, and will fray when I slip, but not pop and unravel.


Polyneon 40wt is slightly larger than Size A Gudebrod Nylon. Not noticeable enough to make a difference. Another builder who posts pictures elsewhere as MunichRodMan, told me they do have some colors in smaller than size A thread, but I haven't seen it, and I'm actually not interested.


Metallics are another ball of wax. The colored metallics, I think are size 5/2 40 wt, and is the same size, or slightly smaller than Gudebrod's A metallics. Gold and Silver - there are a BUNCH of different sizes, and they are quite confusing. Basically, the 7/2 is about the same size as skinny fly tying thread. Maybe half the size of A, if you're doing miniscule fly rods, and want extremely thin trim, this is what you want. Then there is 5/2, 2/2 - I dont' have anything in front of me, and I honetly forgot EXACTLY what size is the one comparable to size A Gudebrod, but it's either 4/2 or 5/2.


Retail on metallic is $15 per 1000 meters. There is epoxy issues with teh metallics, the silicones, especially in teh colored metallix, reacts with epoxy. I coat with CP, but tht doesn't seem to work for me (others it does though?), but wiping with Denatured worked great, although on Sapphire Blue I wiped too hard and took some of teh Blue off. I am still not 100% satisfied with my epoxy techniques with the Madeira metallix, but I do use them 100% of the time.


Even More info - contact me in private for the on-line color chart


Those who have contacted me with interest, you can use this color chart to pick the colors you like, and I'll let you know what colors match teh Madeira color charts. Seems like Madeira has cracked down on sending out free charts.


The Pantone Color Charts are what Madeira uses as a guide to create their colors. You can cross reference every Madiera color with one off of the Pantone chart - problem is, there are a bunch of Pantone color charts, lol - just to make it more freaking confusing! Learn something new every day.

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POLYNEON eignet sich hervorragend für alle Stickereien, bei denen es auf hohe Beanspruchung ankommt, beispielsweise für Textilien, bei denen eine Chlorbehandlung unausweichlich ist, z.B. bei Stone-washed-Jeans. Dieses Garn empfiehlt sich für Stickereien bei Berufskleidung, Sport- und Kinderkleidung, für Hotel- und Gastronomiewäsche. In der Farbpalette sind auch echte Neonfarben enthalten


And further more:


insgesamt 252 Farben bietet die POLYNEON-Farbenkarte eine umfangreiche Auswahl,

die integrierte Konvertiertabelle für Pantone- in Stickkunstseidefarben erleichtert die Farb-

bestimmung anhand von gelieferten Mustervorlagen. POLYNEON eignet sich vorzüglich für

das MADEIRA 3D-Stickverfahren, die Zertifizierung des Garns nach Öko-Tex 100 ist selbst-


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I cut and paste mine off the Madeira website, I got no clue what it means though. lol. For all I know WBG said Gudebrod is terrible, I'll take 1 of every color Madeira there is. lol.

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Not strong enough for guide wraps.


For butt wraps - 1: it looks better, has a high sheen to it that sparkles in the sun. 2: much easier to work with. While it's not strong enough for guides, it is plenty strng for wraps. There is some stretch to it, so it's easier to guage how much tension you are putting on the thread, which leads to no threads moving around when you apply CP. 3: When I pack, I use a metal thread tool from Clemens. When I slip, Gudebrod almost alwas pops, MAdiera will fray, and stay put. THats a HUGE advantage for me, in teh past I'd pop 3 or 4 GUdebrod threads and have to go back and re-wrap. With MAdeira, they just fray and fuzz, and I do not need to rewap anything, possible I'll coat with CP depending on how bad it is. IT's weird, it's not strong enough for guide wraps, but it's touger than GB for a situation like this.


It's also available in 362 colors, and is CHEAP. I'm putting together an order for a few guys, planning to place it later this week, if you're interested PM or e-mail me. IT retails for $3.20 per 1000 meters, but if you are interested, PM me. wink.gif

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