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Also posted on Distance casting page.. Opinions on ABU BG7000HS

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I just got a custom Rainshadow 1207 wrapped conventional by Kevin Bogan, and IT IS SWEET!

I put an ABU BG7000HS on it.

Here are my questions....

Is this reel a good match for this rod?

Do the 6500s cast lighter plugs better than the 7000s?

Is the reel tweakable??

If so reccomendations would be awsome!

Thanks in advance for any and all info.

Fish on.


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depends...what do you plan on throwing with the rod? where do you plan on fishing? what to you expect to catch?


for that rod/blank, casting 3oz plus steadily may not be the most suitible blank for that purpose.


the reel, a 7k or 6500-type abu will work fine. typically, lighter lures (under 1.5 oz) are great w/ 6500 class reels. for heavier lures or weights, 7k reels may be better, but that is not always true either. areas where you need to cast 500 feet+ w/ a bait and weight, the 6500 will give you more distance. 6500 class reels do not allow for the same drag pressure as a 7k class reel either nor do they allow for the same line capacity. both class reels have after market upgrades for drags, bearings, mags, oils, etc. to keep either reel tuned well, clean and oil you bearings often and use a lighter oil for more distance.

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