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The "Captain"... not Mickrazz... the hat looks good on Razz.




With a striped one and a freshwater hat - wallet sized???


Slacker - it's cold out seriously - I think cod are going to bite -

Jameson's tonight (non-plastic) and Internet radio through 7.1 full surround - tomorrow patriarch of the family (old mans Dad) 90th birthday party in N NJ - real winters bring better fishing regular seasons - real seasons are good for all critters 1698520

Professional Novice

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Just another day in my hood - aka Union Beach - not this one but I didn't DJ Mueller does this kind of work (house lift


Hard to believe that it wouldn't have been cheaper - and smarter - to simply knock that place down and start over. Must be some government or insurance red tape prohibiting the smart solution.

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I looked it up and got this....


"The costs to raise your home above base elevation can be budgeted anywhere from $30,000 to over $100,000. This is a big range, because so many details are needed for a firm accurate pricing of this type of project."

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