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advice on surf blank

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hi everybody ("hi dr. nick!" - simpsons reference, bear with me. biggrin.gif )


ok, i am looking to build my first real surf rod.

rod will replace a sealine-X 1-5oz rod.

this will be a spinning rod matched to a shimano stradic 5000 and used for throwing clam/chunks for stripers primarily in the east river/battery park area.

here is what i want: 9'6"-10' (ill trim if need be). rod must be 2 piece

med/fast action

medium power (dont want to overpower the short bass i get, LOL)

rod should load with 2oz, and be capable of throwing 6oz if needed, but sweet spot should be 3-5oz and distance is important to me.


i dont know if the exact rod im looking for exists, but i could use any suggestions, since ive never used any nice surf rods.

looking at catalogues these blanks stood out to me: any pos or neg experiences with any of these?

allstar BGSW1206-2 or BGSW1267-2

amtak patriot 1209 (does this one come 2 pc?)

lamiglas GSB1201-2L or GSB1201-2M

lamiglas perigee PSB114-2M PSB120-2L

i also looked at st croix and rainshadow/batson as possibilities.


basically, im lost in the world of surf blanks, HELP! frown.gif

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If it must be a two piece and it must be only 9.5 to 10 feet , you are very limited. At 10.5 feet , the Allstar 1267/2 you mentioned would be good. the two piece lami 120-2L is lighter than the one piece so I would,'t use it to 6. The 120-2M will do it but may be weak at the low end of 2 OZ.


So I guess those are the two I would look at , the Allstar 1276/2 which is longer than you want and the Lami 120-2M which will be not optimal on the low end.

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thanks for the quick response saltheart!

i can live with 10'6", but im not a big guy (5'8") and 11' is a lot for me to cast. besides that, i have to take the NYC trains to and fropm my stompin' grounds, hence 2pc. and to make things even tougher on me, the walkway im usually at is barely wide enough to cast an 11' rod, so alittle shorter is preferred.

id rather lose the low end (2oz) than the high end (6oz), but is is important to me that the rod be rated so that a schoolie on 15lb test will put a bend in it.

im writing all this down, so i can make an informed decision, so any suggestions (even wacky off the wall ideas - i like them, too) are appreciated.

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